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The Ethnic Pantry: Staples list


If you are like me, you don’t just cook burgers and fries — but you may add kimchi to your fries! Growing up from a multicultural background (Filipino, Italian, German and American), our family palate was always evolving into a new cuisine. Sometimes, a dish was never cooked the same way or made twice!

After marrying my husband, who hails from India, my grocery list became chaotic. Pancit noodles, chapati flour, pasta, harissa… It all just became too much for my poor brain to remember. Forget about jotting things down at the last minute. The cashiers at my local grocery store knew me by first name because I was there at least three times a week. I never knew what to stock, what I had on hand, or even what ingredients were available to me. The Ethnic Pantry is a product that stems from years of editing, organizing and learning about different ethnic cuisines. My hope is that you (and your family) will spend less time pulling your hair out between the grocery store aisles and more time trying new ingredients.


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