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2013/08/11 by Elena Jatia | Filed under The Organized Pantry.

Ethnic Pantry Picks for pantry jars and canisters

I know you’re thinking about doing an over-haul of your pantry! (That’s why you’re reading this post, huh?) I had to when I first moved in with my husband. Crap was everywhere. Couldn’t find jack. You know that feeling right? And I thought, I might as well do this right, that would last me a lifetime.

So I conquered the task my having two types of containers for the pantry: one that would be tucked away, and the others were containers that would be displayed on a daily basis. Like flour, sugar, etc — but they had to be beautiful and durable. Some people have a thing for trinkets and diamonds, but my weakness is… containers! Check out our square labels on the West Elm Wood + Glass Storage Jars and Weck glass jars.

What’d I tell ya… beautiful.

The Ethnic Panty modern square pantry labels

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