Cooking up a storm

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Making chapati with @ethnicpantry

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A lot has been goin’ on, in and out of the kitchen. Anyone who runs a business or blog knows more time goes into all the business stuff that happens in the background. But, that’s okay. I actually enjoy it!

But, really, I’m pissed off. That people are ripping off my ideas and passing it as their own AND getting paid for it. But, it’s okay. Karma will bite back. And secondly, it only makes you look cheap. There is a huge difference between being inspired by someone else’s work and just copying someone. I know, because I am an artist, a photographer. If that’s one thing I learned in art school, it’s knowing how to create my work, first for myself then for others. So for goodness sakes, get your act together and be original! And if you can’t, give the creator credit.

On another note, I had my good friend Julia Stotz over a couple of weeks ago to give her a little lesson on Indian home-cooking. (Hope I didn’t bore or overburden you with food talk, Jules!) It was rainy day, the kind of weather that made you want to cook chapatis and yellow dal. (See Julia’s Instagram video above.) Home-cooked food never tasted better!

Conversations with friends over food always warms my soul. It only makes me realize more and more why I love the things I do.

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